Our Story

J.O.Y Medical Centre Ndeeba (JMC) was founded in 1988 by Deliverance Church Uganda with support from Church Relief International, a Relief arm of Salt and Light Ministries. It is registered as a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) Medical Project of Deliverance Church Uganda. We provide Quality Health Care with a Christian perspective to the residents of Ndeeba, Kabowa and the surrounding areas irrespective of,
  • age.
  • carer and parental status.
  • disability (including physical, sensory and intellectual disability, work related injury, medical conditions, and mental, psychological and learning disabilities)
  • employment activity.
  • gender identity, lawful sexual activity and sexual orientation.
  • industrial activity.
  • marital status.
Above in the picture: Some Members of the Board of Trustees
Left - Right:
Top:Pr Charles Obwana,Pr Steven Achilla, Pr Ssali, Pr Daniel Naaya
Bottom:Pr Mugote Sam,Pr Edward Kiwanuka(General Overseer) , Pr David Ndyagyenda

Who we are

J.M.C is a Private Not For Profit (PNFP) Medical Centre Level III facility . It provides health services based on Christian perspectives to all people.

On November 1st 2017, another branch was opened in Kabowa J.O.Y Medical Centre Ndeeba-ANNEX (JMC ANNEX) to cater for the increasing numbers of clients and more services like theater were introduced.
Above in the picture: Members of J.O.Y Medical centre for an outing at Bahai temple Kampala, early 1990
joy medical centre

J.O.Y Medical  Centre-Ndeeba 2005
joy medical centre
J.O.Y Medical  Centre-Ndeeba Main today


Our Vision: JMC envisions spiritually and physically healthy communities

Our Mission: J.O.Y Medical Centre is committed to bringing spiritual and physical health well being to target communities through providing quality and accessible health services.


  • Professionalism
  • Biblical standard
  • Excellence
  • Unity/Team work
  • Creativity and Innovation

 3John 2 ‘’That you may prosper and be in good health as your souls prosper. ‘’

joy medical centre
In the picture: Members of J.O.Y Medical centre End of Year party



 The leadership of Deliverance Church is run on a Pauline model hinged on Team work. The Ministry has a Team of 14 persons, led by the General Overseer whose responsibility is to oversee the church work nationally.

The Health Ministry of Deliverance Church Uganda, in which J.O.Y Medical Centre is categorized, is currently supervised by the Executive Committee which is answerable to the DCU Medical board that is appointed by the Board of Trustees of Deliverance Church Uganda.


General Overseer at Deliverance Church Uganda Fundraising Dinner
The management committee as the organ responsible for the running of the day-to-day activities of the centre. The functions of the management committee include the following:
  • To directly supervise the implementation of the centre’s plans.
  • To ensure excellent service delivery to the communities.
  • To receive instructions from the executive committee chairperson and execute the same with due diligence.
  • To supervise the respective duties designated and report to the executive committee chairperson on a quarterly basis.
  • To draw up projects in consultation with the heads of departments and forward the same to the executive committee chairperson who in turn will forward them to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • To recommend to the Executive Chairperson
  • employees that should be appraised or disciplined.
  • In Charge  of Unit (J.O.Y Medical Centre.).
  • Head of Medical Services.
  • Head of Administration.
  • Head of Finance.
  • Head of Laboratory department.
  • Head of Nursing department.